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The year 1976 was the year of transformation for the founder Pastor Selvaraj, when the living Lord entrusted a commission to reach the
unreached Indians.

The first church was established in a small village of Tamil Nadu, In the year 1980 and registered with the government of Tamil Nadu as a charitable society in the year 1984.

This was the humble beginning of the church planting activity with the introduction of indigenous missionaries, now spread out in three different states of India.

Pastor Selvaraj,

No nation in the world has such diversities and concentration of
1200 million population, 20 million increases every year
20% world population lives in India, 300 major ethnic groups 6,00000 village communities
350 literal languages - 36 Bible translations
one church for 200 villages
Hindus 62%   Muslim 12% Others 3%
1% Catholics 0.7% Protestants 0.3%
INDIA HAS 1200 million population, 0.1 million missionaries
1/5th of world population! 1/20th of world missionary force!
When & how will we reach them?
In most of the states, the percentage of Christians is steadily still or even declining. Discriminatory legislation exists in states against religious minorities and converts. Support of machineries to Hindu militants to attack Christians and Churches. Hundreds of churches, missionaries, workers even nuns are attacked. Anti-conversion bills passed in few states and proposed or introduced in many states.
Now.... the doors are opened!
Let us reach the 1200 Millions with the LOVE OF JESUS!
A Mission to the least!!!

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